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  • Alireza Zarei

    Alireza Zarei

    Head of Branch

  • Syrous Milani

    Syrous Milani

    Head of Branch

  • Working Timesheet and calendar

    Working Timesheet and calendar

    Colatform has an internal calendar that, in addition to shared and public calendars, also gives each colleague a private calendar. Schedule all events directly in the ...

  • Group Messages: an alternate to email

    Group Messages: an alternate to email

    If there is a topic that is addressed to a group of colleagues, but you do not need to create a dedicated channel for it, and also the participation of the audience is ...

  • Channel: A better way to collaborate

    Channel: A better way to collaborate

    Bring colleagues and relevant information about a topic together in a channel. During the work, all the knowledge around a project is collected in the channel. They are ...

  • Meetings & Video Conferencing Sessions

    Meetings & Video Conferencing Sessions

    These days, video conferencing has become conventional. Hold video conferencing sessions with your colleagues right here in Colatform. Even if you have large meetings ...

  • Audio & Video Calls

    Audio & Video Calls

    Always be available. When writing is hard and time-consuming, contact a colleague directly from Coltform. Share your screen. Even if you are not behind the computer your ...

  • Direct Messaging

    Direct Messaging

    Use Colatform for direct communication with colleagues and keep social networks like WhatsApp personal. So, your professional collaborations fall under the organization ...