About Colatform

  • About Colatform

    We help you to manage organizational and team collaborations optimally in your business, especially now that remote working is a must.

How did Colatform come about?

  • How did Colatform come about?

    Saman Information Structure Company has been operating in the field of Enterprise Portal Development since 2001. The pandemic Covid-19 Crisis forced us to telecommute and use various tools for collaboration. We needed some special integration and features that were not available to us in popular software such as Slack here in Iran. On the other hand, We are a skilled company in software development and, this was the need of many businesses in the current situation. So, we designed and developed the Colatform Collaboration Platform as a SaaS Cloud Service.

Colatform business model

  • Colatform Business Model

    Colatform Collaboration SaaS Cloud Service has a Platform Business Model. Several partners in this Business Platform work to ensure the best service and appropriate quality.

We are committed to the success of our customers.


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