• Colatform Features

    Work with each other more easily as a team

    Record and categorize all communications, requests, and assignments together in Coltform.

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  • Colatform | Collaboration Platform

    Colatform offers a better and easier way to interact and communicate.

    Colatform provides a workspace for team members and organizations to collaborate with each other instantly and has features like Direct Messaging, Public and Private Channels, Group Messaging, Meetings, Group Audio and Video Calls, Organizational Calendar, and Timesheet.

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The top features of the Colatform?

  • Organize Team and Business Collaborations

    Organize all collaborations, whether in channels or in private chats. Use tagging and labeling to categorize them as you like.

  • Enterprise Point of View

    Define the organizational structure (units and positions), and manage the collaborations under the umbrella of the integrated organization.

  • Working Timesheet

    Now that telecommuting is a must, the Working Time Recording Tool helps colleagues record time spent on activities.

  • Audio and Video Calls

    Here from Colatform call your colleagues in audio, video, or video conferencing directly. No restrictions and no need to exit from Colatform.

  • Colatform Features

    Work with each other more easily as a team

    Record and categorize all communications, requests, and assignments together in Coltform.

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  • Direct Messaging

    Use Colatform for direct communication with colleagues and keep social networks like WhatsApp personal. So, your professional collaborations fall under the organization umbrella and it brings information integrity at the organization level.

    Direct Messaging
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  • Audio & Video Calls

    Audio & Video Calls

    Always be available. When writing is hard and time-consuming, contact a colleague directly from Coltform. Share your screen. Even if you are not behind the computer your phone will ring directly. Add another colleague to the call if necessary. And most importantly, have access to all the Coltform features while calling.

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  • Meetings & Video Conferencing Sessions

    These days, video conferencing has become conventional. Hold video conferencing sessions with your colleagues right here in Colatform. Even if you have large meetings always, you can request to set up a dedicated meeting server.

    Meetings & Video Conferencing Sessions
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  • Channel: A better way to collaborate

    Channel: A better way to collaborate

    Bring colleagues and relevant information about a topic together in a channel. During the work, all the knowledge around a project is collected in the channel. They are searchable and accessible to the new team member. Private and public channels categorize enterprise collaborations and provide you a better and simpler way to work.

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  • Group Messages: an alternate to email

    If there is a topic that is addressed to a group of colleagues, but you do not need to create a dedicated channel for it, and also the participation of the audience is needed, email usually seems useful. But in Colatform, we offer group messages as an alternative but more agile and collaborative to the corporate email.

    Group Messages: an alternate to email
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  • Working Timesheet and calendar

    Working Timesheet and calendar

    Colatform has an internal calendar that, in addition to shared and public calendars, also gives each colleague a private calendar. Schedule all events directly in the Colatform. Colatform also provides a tool to record the time spent on topics and activities, which helps the organization receive a comprehensive report on employee performance. This tool can be integrated with an external service for a list of Tasks and Activities via a web service.

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